Tilta Door Repairs and Servicing

We care about the Jobs we do and the People that we do them for. Qualities do not only relate to the products that you sell but they also relate to the values that you trade with.
Services 1. Collapsed Hinges

These hinges are terribly dangerous and in fact Deadly as not only are they holding up Hundreds of Kilograms above your head but the shear forces contained in the springs are life threatening to anything they impact.

Unlike roller doors or panel doors where the springs are either contained within the door or on a shaft Tilta doors are far more dangerous as the springs when they fail are not contained.

We do not use Cheap Chinese components that fail and come with no warranties. 

Services 2. Wear and Fatigue, Servicing

Many Tilta Doors are designed badly by non door businesses or companies that will sell doors without morals, they know the doors are 3 times the weight that the springs maximum capacity can carry, so they know that they will last 2 to 5 years and then fail. 

In our industry there are many that are seriously dangerous, but because they do not intend to be in the industry for very long they are safe to rip as much money out as quick as they can and then leave. We have over 30 years Experince in the Building and Door industries with myself directly installing everything so I am not a desk jockey that has no product knowledge but then talks a good game, I Fit and Fix things that other don't or can't because of this extensive operational understanding.

Services 3. Qualities and Standards

We do same day services and we stand by the work that we do and we have the highest of standards possible. We also only use the best parts available so to give long service life with as minimal problems, But all doors require maintenance, inspection and servicing. There are no short cuts or cost cutting available when it comes to Family Safety. Hundreds of kilograms above your head and thousands of kilograms in spring tension adds up to lethal consequences that must be regularly checked and adjusted.

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