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Lethal Tilta Doors

So to start this subject off please check out our page to see if your affected by these dangers at https://www.bettadoorservices.com.au/tilta-doors-and-servicing

Hopefully this reaches you in time as they are a time bomb waiting to Explode. While tilta doors are fitted to nearly half of the dwellings in Australia they are nearly the most abused door that there is and I would really like to say that is an exaggeration but sadly its a fact of life.

Sadly we are seeing more and more make shift lethal patches done by owners like these ones here, What is the worst part of these is that they will kill who ever they hit that is in the room, Child, Wife, Pets and cars. I have seen what these are capable of and with most of the springs having a service life of 10 years and most are 30 to 40 years now, they are rusted and have never been serviced until it break.

SO give Garry or Joel a call on 0466716830 to get any of your Garage doors serviced or repaired today but please don't leave it until it has already hurt someone or its so destroyed that the repair costs are in the Thousands and require major surgery.

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